Yair green pear

Originated at Yair on the Tweed in Peebles-shire, Scotland. Known to have been in
existence in the late 1700s. Fruits have firm, tender, juicy, coarse flesh which is gritty
around the core. Flavour is sweet subacid and sometimes astringent.
Use: Dessert
Flowering: 10% open: 20-Apr
Full Flower: 25-Apr
90% over: 08-May
Natural September-October Storage:

From Robert Hogg

Fruit, below medium size; obovate. Skin, smooth, dark green, changing to yellowish green as it ripens, and strewed with patches and dots of russet. Eye, large, open, and prominent. Stalk, three-quarters of an inch long, obliquely inserted. Fleshy, tender, juicy, and sugary.

A good Scotch pear; ripe in September.

It was raised at Yair, on the Tweed, in Peeblesshire.


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