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Gourdiehill we have scions growing of this type   An Historical Account AN ACCOUNT OF MATAKANA HISTORY, GRANDAUGHTER OF JAMES MATTHEW. BY MRS ERROL JONES, 2000  Charles (1824-1905) and James Matthew (1830-1909) (who left their birthplace at … Continue reading

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pear James

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John Monteith

Old John Montieth pear (Ormiston hall orchard) Cal Hort Soc Jun15 1829 No John Monteith Fruit, medium sized; angular towards the eye, somewhat four-sided at the eye. Skin, bright lively green, changing as it ripens to yellowish green, a pale … Continue reading

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sheep heid

sheep heid pear

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Pitfour, The Orchard used to be part Pitfour Castle estate.. It was 10 acres of apples, pears, plums. Bramley’s handpicked and would store until May. Sold in Perth. Worcester Pearmain, Kilwinning Pear, Victoria Pear were main table varieties. Their was … Continue reading

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Auchen Green

Green Achan Colour g.. Form pyriform obt Size 2 Use Texture C Quality 3 Season Nov. Jan. Situation S Tree vigourous.

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